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From The Classroom To The Boardroom 10+ Kid Tips for Today's Managers By Celia Couture
Game Plan for Change: Facilitator's Guide By Wayne R. Davis
Game Plan for Change: Participant Workbook By Wayne R. Davis
Game Plan for Change: The Game Board Map By Wayne R. Davis
Tabletop Simulation for Change Value-Pack
Getting Your Point Across By Andrew R. Walker, Ed.D.
This resource explores grief and loss, and its implications culturally, socially, and individually. While grieving is an individual process, it is important to know how to connect and support a workplace colleague who may be dealing with grief and loss.
Growing Talent Through Cross-Training By Georgian Lussier, M.S.O.B.
Andrew R. Walker, Ed.D.
Georgian Lussier, M.S.O.B.
James G. Bohn, Ph.D.
Margaret Nichols
Michael Horton, Ed.D.
Orlando Blake, PhD
Peggy Morrow
Tim Rutledge, Ph.D.
Hotel and Hospitality Competencies, Knowledge, and Skills Assessment
How Are Your Employees Performing, Book One By John Turner, Ph.D.
How Are Your Employees Performing? BookTwo2 By John Turner Ph.D.
How Are Your Employees Performing? Employee Performance Appraisals, Books One and Two By John Turner, Ph.D.
How to Avoid the Common Failure By Michael Horton, EdD
How To Be An Effective Customer Service Manager By Peggy Morrow
Human Resource Essentials By Lori Barber
Ideal Problem Solving By Tom Englander

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