Workshop: Creativity and Innovation

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Creativity and Innovation: From Concept to Market Introduction
The emphasis is on collaborative learning centered around relevant and illustrative cases with a focus on a case-centered approach, a progressive curricular model, conducted within a 3-day workshop. 
The model is lab-based, hands-on, and provides participants the opportunity to simulate a virtual reality by imagining and testing new ideas in a creative and innovative environment. 
The setting is in Idea Teams (Module A), Creativity Pods (Module B), and Strategic Marketing Groups structured within a social networking model (Module C).

The process is evolutionary for the participants as they evolve from being members of Idea Teams engaged in a process of Flash, Context, Grid, Menu, and Footprint, to Creativity Pods working together on Concept, Research, Brand Development, Strategic Design, Market Introduction, Rollout, and Reinvention, and finally as a Strategic Marketing Group seeing their concept Go to Market, Connect to Customers, Build Brand Identity, Add Value, and Stay Out in Front.
The transferability of knowledge learned is applicable to numerous situations beyond the product-based case used in the program materials.  The learning emphasizes and reinforces the notion that the creativity and innovation process begins with an idea, followed by the ability of moving it forward, developing it, and ultimately introducing and sustaining the idea in the marketplace. 
The participants will be able to apply the concepts to new products, new technologies, new processes, new systems, new strategies, new programs, as well as in situations such as reorganizations, business refocus, change management, new business models, and market realignments, etc.
The program consists of three modules (A, B, C) or components.
A. Imagining the Idea

  • Flash
  • Context
  • Grid
  • Menu
  • Footprint

B. Giving it Wings to Fly

  • Concept
  • Research
  • Brand Development
  • Strategic Design
  • Market Introduction
  • Rollout
  • Reinvention

C. Making it Soar

  • Go to Market
  • Connect to Customers
  • Build Brand Identity
  • Add Value
  • Stay Out in Front

The framework uses a case-study that is common knowledge to most everyone … that of products being marketed to consumers.  However, the concepts learned can be applied to numerous domains, industries, and applications.
The assumption is there is not a lack of an abundance of good ideas within organizations.  And, these good ideas originate across all levels and hierarchies and are not confined to just a few “creative” minds. Everyone is inherently creative and innovative.  The workshop will prove this out. 
Public workshops with open enrollment.
Private in-house workshops at client site or off site.
University-sponsored workshops with complementary seats for professors.
Workshops are scheduled throughout the year at various locations.  Please contact us for current schedule.
Cost varies according to workshop type.  Please contact us.  
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