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Cost Mapping: A Tabletop Simulation for Identifying Cost and Building a Value-Based Solutions Map
Cost Mapping: A tabletop simulation for identifying cost and building a value-based solutions map challenges participants to identify origins of cost in thirty-six (36) areas across five (5) internal/external categories affecting the selected business case organization.
The model.  Cost Mapping provides a means for participants to identify and understand origins of cost, and subsequently develop solutions and strategies to eliminate or contain these costs in a real-time context.
The process is experienced through the use of a game board and its dynamic, interdependent components, which have corresponding exercises and activities to be completed by the participants.
The setting is a facilitator-led, one-day workshop where the participants are divided into teams. Teams compete against one another in developing a successful cost containment solution, a priority model, and an execution strategy.
The teams.   Some win, some lose, all learn.  The teams use a common case study scenario and  identify an array of costs; some hidden, some unnecessary, some the result of inaction or postponed decision making, some affected by high-cost applications, practices, and processes, some are behavioral, or cultural, and others associated with competencies and performance.    
The result is a comprehensive value-based solutions map for executing a successful cost containment initiative.  Cost mapping is applicable to small and mid-sized businesses, large and global corporations, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions.
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