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North of Sales

Introduction and Overview
Let’s start by envisioning a circle divided with a horizontal line running across its middle and the word “sales” written in the center on top of this line.   Let’s define the space above the line as “North of Sales”, and the space below the line as “South of Sales.” 
The space marked “South of Sales” is familiar territory.  It’s the space we all know.  It’s the subject taught in business schools around the world.  It’s the space CEO’s conduct business, the investor community understands, and where the financial markets measure value.
The space marked “North of Sales” is not as familiar territory.  It’s the space few know.  It’s the space generally untouched in business schools except for a fundamental class in How to Start Your Own Business, or a basic creativity and innovation lab, incubator, or accelerator program.  All-in-all the space is traveled by the few.  
The Model: It’s Form and Function In summary.

The “South of Sales” organizational frameworks are.
1. The Vertical Organizational Chart:  Organized around who’s the boss
2. The Horizontal Organizational Chart:  Organized around the customer
The “North of Sales” organizational frameworks are
1. The 1943 Walt Disney Organizational Chart:  Organized around how things get done
2. The Networked Organizational Chart:  Organized around a network of super specialists (similar to that known as the Hollywood Model)
Most models begin with “Sales.”  Consider the “South of Sales” chart of accounts for the traditional income statement.  What is the first line item?  Yes, it’s “Sales.”  You begin with sales and everything else follows.  The focus is on serving customers.
The “North of Sales” chart of accounts, as you might imagine, culminates with “Sales.”  In this model, you begin with everything else and sales follow.  The focus is on creating customers.
Seemingly subtle, there are huge differences in the South/North models.  Steve Jobs understood the “North of Sales: concept better than anyone since Walt Disney.  It can be said that he organized his company around the model and never considered otherwise.  He was intrigued with the Walt Disney model and, seemingly, took it to a new level.
Why the Model Works
The model works because it clearly shows the difference in organizational frameworks.  There is no compelling business case for either one or the other, since unquestionable business success is well established for both views. It does, however, make the case for focusing ones attention on the North side of sales as a driver of creativity and innovation.
Vigorous engagement in the North side will keep your development team, brand, marketing, and sales people up to speed with social networking concepts.
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