Workshop: Creating a Strategic Future

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Creating a Strategic Future
The workshop is set within an environment of creative learning and open participation to explore what’s ahead and what’s next in an engaging, insightful way. 
The 3 future views presented in the workshop are
1. The future is an extension of the past
2. The future is markedly different from the past
3. The future is white space
What will you learn?
You will learn, defined by each of the 3 views, to

  • See the future in context
  • Articulate its assumptions
  • Identify the challenges
  • Set priorities
  • Create value

You will learn how and when to use
Hedging strategies (betting on the future)
Leveraging strategies (leading with your strengths)
Shaping strategies (influencing through innovation)
You will learn how to
Evaluate your business strength and market attractiveness
Conduct a business diagnostic
Analyze current markets
Assess emerging markets and trends
Summarize your competitive ability
You will be introduced to the concepts of
Trump cards
Wild cards
and when and how to play them
You will apply what you’ve learned in
Creating strategic options for competing in the future
How will you learn?
You will learn through highly interactive

  • Facilitation (not a lecture, no slides with bullet points)
  • Individual and group activities
  • A safe forum for challenging, confronting, questioning
  • Constructing models (mental and visual)
  • Presenting ideas and receiving peer and facilitator feedback

What skills will you draw on, use and hone?
Your intellectual involvement will include

Seeing beyond the obvious, developing alternative plans, evaluating multiple strategies, modeling complexity and risk, identifying fits and gaps, and predicting success and outcomes.
What will you take away?
You will take away a new knowledge set, a new toolset, and the ability to apply the sum and substance of what you learned to your own reality.
Workshop atmosphere
Remember, even though a serious subject, this is a working session, not a college course.  Wear comfortable clothing.  Bring any electronics you wish.  Take your vitamins, and get a good night’s sleep.
Public workshops with open enrollment.
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University-sponsored workshops with complementary seats for professors.
Workshops are scheduled throughout the year at various locations.  Please contact us for current schedule.
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