Managing Employee Behavior

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Managing Employee Behavior
Supervisors Take Control
By Jodie-Beth Galos

Have you supervised an employee who has to capacity to do so much more and yet despite your best coaching efforts, remains just so-so?  Maybe your problem is the talented jerk, the employee whose attitude undermines everything the team does.  When you counsel them, they challenge you to explain exactlywhat they did wrong.  Your best response: “Uh . . .
What’s the common thread in these scenarios?  Understanding and effectively addressing employees’ behavior.  Behavior.  Everyone has distinct patterns of speaking and acting.  
The author presents a behavior-based coaching and counsel model that helps supervisors identify and interpret employees' behavior more accurately and develop pre-plan responses to predictable predicaments.  Performing the practices laid out in the book's easy-to-follow steps builds critical supervisory skills resulting in meaningful performance dialogue, appraisals, and documentation.
To help employees own their own their behavioral strengths as well as associated limitations, behavior-based feedforward is one of the numerous how-to techniques introduced. 
This behavior-based people management approach clarifies essential communications, improves job performance, reduces time-spent in mind numbing administrative, and avoids legal violations.

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