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Margaret Nichols

Career strategist, Margaret Nichols, brings a unique perspective to the world of performance based coaching. Margaret utilizes an emerging, effective approach that replaces annual employee reviews with quarterly performance based coaching sessions. She provides managers the methodology and tools they need to identify and understand individual employee’s style and development needs.  Once identified, managers learn how to discuss with their reports the competencies and accomplishments they need to develop that align with the organization’s objectives.
With this transparent approach employees are never in the dark as to expectations and know that their performance is supported by management.  All coaching sessions are documented and include employees’ sign-off.
In her book, The Art of Influential Leadership, Margaret provides numerous coaching tips, forms, assessments, case studies, managers can us to engage, support, and hold their reports accountable.
Margaret’s approach is attractive to small, fast growth companies in the technology and educational sectors as well as large organizations.
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