Cultivating Customer Connectivity

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Cultivating Customer Connectivity:  Breakthrough strategies, standardization guidelines, and tools to build customer loyalty
By Michelle Jackson
To build a substantial customer base, every organization must focus on developing strong relationships with customers that generate customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
The quality of service your customers receive is a direct reflection of the expectations, you as the leader, have set for your employees.  Your customer’s experience depends upon the environment created in your establishment as well as how he or she is treated and engaged. 
Michelle introduces a disciplined approach to cultivating relationships with customers.  By working through the resources in this book, you will learn practical strategies and tools that you can used to implement a simple, yet effective, process to standardize your service delivery.  You will
Determine how your organization’s vision, mission, and values define service objectives and set the service mindset of the team.
Discover how engaged service representatives build customer relationships by meeting service objectives while executing service transaction elements.
Learn how to standardize your organization’s service transaction by formatting and documenting the service transaction objectives and elements.
Happy customers are happy when your employees have identified a customer’s need or expectation and satisfied it in a timely, efficient, and pleasant manner.  This book tells you how to make it happen.

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