Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence
By Sandra Campbell, Ed.D.

It has been thought in order to survive, especially in the workplace, what was needed was the hard skills—rational and logical thinking along with specific skill sets rather than the soft emotional and interpersonal skills. 
It is now realized that emotional intelligence (EQ) can no longer be ignored because it is 70 percent of your life’s successes—to develop relationships and to effectively relate to others.  Research has shown that with knowledge, awareness, and disciplined practice, your brain can be modified to build emotional intelligence and all it has to offer.  Emotional intelligence is your ability to identify, access, and control your emotions, and the emotions of others.  Emotional intelligence includes
Understanding the importance of your emotions and their effect on life’s activities

  • Gaining insight into the five components of EQ 
  • Learning how to improve your EQ skill level
  • Practical exercises to enhance your understanding of EQ
  • Your end result will a more effective way to handle your emotions and those of others for a more fulfilling and happier life in all aspects 

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