The 10 Critical Models for Creating a Sustainable Future

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The 10 Critical Models for Creating a Sustainable Future
This tw0-day workshop and forum is set in an environment of creative learning and open participation to explore, in an engaging and insightful way, what's ahead, and what's next for your organization.
The context is framed within ten integrated and interrelated models.
Creating a Future:  Event-Driven Strategies:  Hedging, Leveraging, and Shaping

Executing Strategic Intent:  Identifying Critical Processes Linked to Strategic Goals

Determining Structure and Culture:  Organizational Frameworks

Assessing Business Savvy:  The Progression of Competence

Becoming Market Leaders:  Creativity and Innovation

Leveraging Synergies:  Managing the Field of Variance

Creating Change:  Context, Assumptions, Challenges, Priorities, and Value Creation

Uncovering Economies:  Cost Sourcing and Solutions Mapping

Managing Performance:  Visualization and Transparency

Assessing Inefficiencies: 10 Degrees of Productivity
When: To Be Announced
Where: To Be Determined
Workshop Sessions: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Cost: $1,495.00, includes all materials in participant workbook form, with models, methodologies, and tool sets on a personal memory stick (PDF) for use during the workshop and to take with you, handouts, lunch, and snacks at breaks
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