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The Performance Profile Model
The Performance Profile Model is built on the assumption that to be an effective and productive employee you need to know something, do something, engage with people, and get results.
The Performance Profile Model provides a deep view of
Who are our top performers?
Where and in whom does our expert knowledge reside?
How well are the strategic critical work activities performed?
How engaged are we with our customers?
Where are the soft spots in our organization?
And countless more answers.
1. You need to know something.  Specific knowledge and skills related to this performance profile are provided.  You can add, change, and delete to customize them according to your our requirements.  You can all also add what we call “Pre-tags” that can further define knowledge and skills according to Basic knowledge, Advanced knowledge, or Expert knowledge.  Abilities are in the form of cognitive abilities including Deductive Reasoning, Oral Expression, Written Comprehension and others.
The model can arrange knowledge and skills in order of

  • Expert knowledge
  • Advanced knowledge
  • Basic knowledge

2. You need to do something.  Specific work activities related to this performance profile are provided.  You can add, change, and delete to customize them according to your our requirements.  You can all also add what we call “Post-tags” that further define the work activities according to the degree of importance and other factors. For example, if you were a healthcare provider the post-tags could be patient safety, patient care, and patient support. 
The model can highlight specific work activities by tagging activities that are

  • Essentially important
  • Strategically critical

Such as if you are in healthcare you may wish to track work activities that align with

  • Patient safety
  • Patient care
  • Patient support

3. You need to engage with people.  Specific performance and interpersonal competencies related to this performance profile are provided.  The source of the competencies is a database of over 50 measurable Global Competencies important to your businesses success.  You can customize the database by adding, changing, and deleting according to your our requirements.
The model can build a competency matrix showing where each of the Global Competencies resides in your organization.  For example, the system can show where the competency Building Value-based Relations or Contributing to Team Success resides and how well it is being executed and expressed.
4. You need to produce results.  General results areas such as Work Standards, Commitment, and Outcomes are provided.  You can customize the results areas according to your requirements.
The job performance profiles data can be loaded into The Ryan Group’s portal platform where you can conduct annual performance reviews through self-assessment, multi-rater, 360 assessment and other features including development and action planning modules.
The model gives you the ability to use the profiles for developing

  • Job advertisement and posting
  • Performance- and behavioral-based interviewing
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Training and development planning
  • Team and workgroup assignment
  • Performance reviews
  • and much more

The Performance Profile contains the following for each job family
Job Description
Primary Role Responsibilities
Functional Department’s Strategic Focus
Interest Preferences
Knowledge and Skills
Abilities, Cognitive
Work Activities
Result Areas
Work Standards, Commitment, and Outcomes
Specific goals/results
The Performance Profile database contains the following functional areas (partial)
Business Management
Business Development
Business Services
Customer Service
General Management
Human Resources
Information Technology
Legal and Compliance
Public Affairs
Retail Sales and Marketing
Sales and Account Management
Security Services
Supply Chain Operations
Technical and Engineering
Methodologies and Tool Sets
The Ryan Group, Inc. has portals, platforms, and comprehensive content libraries to facilitate the development of performance profiles across a broad range of positions and levels, including executive, manager, professional, and administrative and production staffs. 
Industry Experience
Our industry experience includes
High tech
Channeling and distribution
Retail and consumer
Defense and aerospace
Financial services
Oil and gas
Food and beverage
Hotel and resort
Government agencies
and others.
Projects and Cost
Typical development projects range from 50 to 350 performance profiles. As you might expect, the cost varies according to the size and specifics of the engagement encompassing: (listed in cost-progressive order)

  • Performance profiles development
  • Database and content library development
  • Online portal and platform development and hosting
  • Online performance review system
  • Performance visualization system

Next Step
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