Pathways to Career Independence

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Pathways to Career Independence, By Frank Wantland, Ph.D.
Independence is a fundamental need among corporate professionals now and into the future.  Along with respect, self-esteem, and acceptance it is a basic stepping stone to exceptional performance for the individual and high productivity for the organization. 
Pathways to Career Independence is designed as a guide to career independence in an era of employment transition and uncertainty.  In this book, you will be introduced to eight key pathway career independence:
1.  Through Self-Discovery
2.  Through Creativity
3.  Through Speed, Quickness, and Brainpower
4.  Through Connectedness
5.  Through Positioning, Visibility, and Influence
6.  Through Anticipating of the Future
7.  Through Execution
8.  Through Story Telling
Although treated separately, in practice they interact and reinforce on another.  Throughout the eight pathways, you will complete useful activities that will deepen your learning experience; pathways that you can apply immediately to your career.
This book is valuable for individual acting alone as well as groups working together.  It is an exceptional teaching tool for mentors, trainers, coaches, and leaders seeking comprehensive tools to inspire personal development, enhance performance and achievement, and retain top talent in the organization.

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