Preventing Sexual Harassment

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Preventing Sexual Harassment:  For Managers and Their Teams By Andrew R. Walker, Ed.D.
This book primarily provides advice and guidance for managers and their teams on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. It also points out the consequences of failing to observe an environment and culture of mutual respect, advising on ways that claims of sexual harassment can be reported and investigated. Knowing what forms sexual harassment can take including inappropriate behavior such as misuse of power, hostile environment is a vital starting point for ensuring that the principles of mutual respect are applied in the workplace.  This book also helps to ensure that managers and employees are aware of their responsibilities in the context of sexual harassment, including the principle that all allegations must be treated as on the record. 
Chapter 1 of this book will help you in setting standards through policy. 
Chapter 2 provides examples and terms that will help you to understand the behavioral expectations of a sexual harassment policy.  Clearly, it is not exhaustive and for more examples, you may choose to read further.  Federal and state legal case law can be one of the most useful sources for further insight. 
Chapter 3 will help you to build awareness of sexual harassment across the workforce as the organization matures.  Ultimately, you should be able to trace a journey that leads to a culture of commitment to mutual respect.
Use this book to learn what is expected and to mitigate the impact of allegations of sexual harassment quickly to avoid lost business, reputation, morale, productivity and legal costs.

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