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Assessment Platform
The online assessment platform provides secure access to The Ryan Group’s suite of developmental assessments.  Users login with username and password to conduct the assessments and have access to return and review the results and information as needed.
Assessment Offering
The assessment can be purchased in any configuration including a single assessment, multiple assessments, or the entire 4-assessment suite. You can customize access for any combination, for example, you may want to have a certain group take a single assessment, a second group take 2 assessments, and yet another group take all four assessments.
CenterMark – Contribution to the Organization
CenterMark is an assessment developed by The Ryan Group and based on the research of Carl Jung, Isabel Myers, and Katharine Briggs.  It has a comprehensive database for each of the 16 types and emphasizes 12 areas of success in one’s worklife, including Unique Characteristics, Contributions to the Organization, Management Style, Communication Style, Learning Style, Approaches to Problem Solving and Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Motivators, On a Team, Change Management, Successful Careers, Opportunities for Growth
MatchPoint – Interest and Fit
MatchPoint is an assessment that emphasizes interests and fit matching type with career.
Based on the work of John Holland, MatchPoint is a career development tool that
supports individuals in their career planning and increases their potential for job satisfaction.  The information presented helps individuals better understand their values and goals, worldview, professional contributions, developmental needs, and potential pitfalls.
And, assists individuals in identifying where within the organization their interests, values and skills best fit.  
Working Styles – Observable Behaviors (multi-rater)
Working Styles is an assessment focusing on observable behaviors with a built-in, self-managed 360 component.  Based on studies in observable behaviors, WorkingStyles identifies four preferred behavioral styles that measure important aspects of a person’s behavior:  Expressive, Amiable, Driver, and Analytical. WorkingStyles has two components:  A self-assessment and a multi-rater assessment.
ValueBase – Values Clarification
ValueBase is an assessment for values clarification for individuals, departments, and organizations.  The purpose of the ValueBase assessment is to help you clarify your values so you can make career decisions that are consistent with who you really are and match your own priorities. 
Validity and Reliability
CenterMark, MatchPoint, and Working Styles assessment instruments have undergone independent review for validity and reliability and have met all industry standards, including adequacy of the items, theoretical framework of the intended measures, statistical difference among each of the types for establishing discriminant separation, stability of the inventory over time, statistical convergence and divergence of each behavior scale, and measuring of the theoretical construct. and have been determined to be without bias across ethnic boundaries, gender, and age groups.
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