Hotel and Hospitality Competency

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Hotel and Hospitality Competencies, Knowledge, and Skills Assessment
The Hotel and Hospitality assessment is comprised of 2 major groups, 6 sub-categories, and 72 questions. The focus is on abilities and application at the professional staff, manager, director, and vice president levels.
Personal Competencies
Communication Skills including communicating orally, communicating in writing, persuading, resolving conflict, negotiating, managing meetings, and making presentations.
Customer and Client Focus including managing quality and advising.
Leadership, Accountability and Development including managing performance, managing time, managing projects, analyzing, evaluating, budgeting, planning, implementing, and coordinating.
Teamwork including managing diversity, building teams, and developing teams.
Knowledge and Skills
Industry Knowledge including company knowledge and hotel and hospitality knowledge.
System Application and Technical Skills including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation software, communications, and Internet software.
Branded Portal
The branded online portal system provides

  • A URL link for secure login.
  • An individual respondent site, accessible by username and password, for conducting assessments, and printing individual reports.
  • An administrative site, accessible by master ID number, for administering, monitoring, and printing team/group reports.

The cost is $600.00 for 50 individual assessments with portal access.  Quantity discounts start at 100 individual assessments.
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