Game Plan for Change: Facilitator's Guide

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Game Plan for Change: A Tabletop Simulation to Ignite Growth through Transformation Facilitator's Guide Set.  Includes one Facilitator’s Guide, one Participant Workbook, and one Game Board Map.
The Game Plan for Change provides a means for teams, workgroups, departments, business units, and organizations to learn and apply key principles of change in a real time context.

The process uses a game board displaying 17 dynamic and interdependent components which have corresponding exercises that are completed by the participants.  Completing the exercises generate scores in the form of indicators of success or indicators of failure and are aggregated into a final change scorecard at the end of the workshop.
The setting is in a facilitator-led, two-day workshop where the participants are divided into small teams.  Each team selects a fictitious case-based organization to guide through the simulation process. Participants are presented with information, discuss solutions, evaluate alternatives, solve problems, make decisions, and learn how well their business case will execute its change initiative based on their decisions.
The result is a comprehensive value-based change map for executing a successful change initiative.  The outcomes of the activities and exercises highlight the strengths, weaknesses and potential roadblocks the fictitious organization will face whether their change is incremental or transformational.
Because simulations rank high among the most useful learning techniques for emphasizing a training-in-context concept, where the learning environment approximates the workplace environment in as many contextual ways as possible, participants will leave the experience with competencies that can be directly and immediately applied in real change situations.
Organizations suited for conducting the simulation are commercial enterprises, strategic business units, professional services firms, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, municipalities, academic institutions, college courses, and others.
Circumstances benefiting from implementing the simulation are mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, consolidations, new programs or projects, business refocus, global expansion, downsizing, major system implementation, as a companion to strategic planning, and others.
Table of Contents

Benefits and Outcomes
How the Package Is Organized
Terms Used in This Guide
Facilities Set-Up
Welcome and Introduction
A. Business Case Options
1. Scenarios
2. Assumptions
3. Challenges
4. Priorities
5. Value Creation
6. Goals and Objectives
7. Business Initiatives
8. Praxis Chart
9. People
10. Complexity and Risk
11. Affects On
12. Readiness
13. Adoption and Internalization
14. Impact
15. Fits and Gaps
16. Change Scorecard
17. 1-2-3 Go!
B. Team Presentations
C. Workshop Wrap-Up


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