Team Performance Inventory: Self-Assessment

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Team Performance Inventory: Self-Assessment
Organizations have seen a significant movement away from individual role-based structures to cooperative team-based structures.  Statistics show a dramatic increase in teaming and collaboration in the workplace (Lockwood, 2004).  Understanding the behaviors that drive performance or impede performance is essential to today’s organizations.
When you and other members of your team complete this Team Performance Inventory, the results will provide a current view of where your team is on a performance curve, where you need to be to be high-performing, and what development activities will help you get there.  
You will note the assessment questions are in both negative and positive formats.  This is done to address the issue of acquiescence response bias in agree/disagree statements.  Please take time to read and, if necessary, re-read the questions before responding. 
Team Performance Inventory Assessment
This assessment is to help you assess your team's performance and determine what stage your team normally operates.  The Team Performance Inventory Assessment consists of forty (40) characteristics of teams and its members.  You conduct the assessment by reading each of the statements and indicating how clearly the statement describes your team at this time.  To complete the assessment, you check the appropriate box using the following rating scale: 

  • Least Clearly Describes
  • Somewhat Clearly Describes
  • Most Clearly Describes

Team Performance Inventory Scoring and Software
The Team Performance Inventory Assessment is self-conducted and  self-scored using the worksheets provided.  The facilitator’s  package contains a CD with scoring software in easy to use Microsoft Excel format. 
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