Executing Change for Project Management Teams

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Executing Change in the Organization for Project Managers
Project Management Team
A Guide to Executing Change for the Project Management Team is a participant workbook designed to guide those in the workshop audience who are on a project management team through their own tasks of the change initiative.
The project management team generally consist of a cross-section of employees who develop and implement the change management plan. Each participant needs to have his or her own workbook to work through in the workshop. 
Table of Contents
1. Determine the Project Structure
2. Determine the Project Resource Requirements
3. Identify Project Risks, Obstacles, and Barriers
4. Determine Information Needs
5. Build a Project Calendar with Events and a Timeline
6. Identify Measures and Indicators
Project Organizational Structure
The resource begins with a methodology to discuss the implications of structure on the successful execution and outcomes of the change initiative including
Strong Leadership Team Role
Co-Sponsorship Role
Strong Consultant Role
Organizational Structure Assessment and Evaluation
The multi-question assessment considers situation, environment, and culture focusing on results such as
Mobilize people to act
Challenge the status quo
Make a compelling business case for change
Ensure the change initiative aligns with key business objectives
Address chaos and complexity
and numerous others
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