Organizational Diagnosis

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Organizational Diagnosis
The Organizational Diagnostic is a powerful diagnostic tool that …

  • Measures key dimensions of the organization
  • Gathers authentic insights and perceptions
  • Identifies organizational soft spots and gaps
  • Provides evidenced-based conclusions
  • Prioritizes development intervention opportunities

The Organizational Diagnostic . . .
Is ideal for checking the pulse of the organization and measuring unfiltered employee responses.
Collects spontaneous, authentic data allowing an ability for scanning perceptions of potential means for improvement.
Combines traditional data gathering methodologies with more innovative techniques for  both quantitative and qualitative research and analysis.
The Organizational Diagnostic provides useable and executable results for . . .

  • Better alignment with organizational goals, objectives, and outcomes
  • Sharper clarity of organization’s vision and strategic intent
  • Improved organizational performance

The “Cloud” Delivery Platform . . .

  • Respondents take the diagnostic online in a secure environment with unique username and password
  • Administrators monitor progress and reporting

Branded Portal
The branded online portal system provides

  • A URL link for secure login.
  • An individual respondent site, accessible by username and password, for conducting assessments and printing individual reports.
  • An administrative site, accessible by master ID number, for administering, monitoring, and printing team/group reports.

The cost is $600.00 for 100 individual assessments with portal access.  Quantity discounts start at 500 individual assessments.

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