Leading From the Future

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Leading From the Future
Leading From the Future focuses on the degree to which certain critical factors are perceived to be an impact or influence in the future, including

  • Complexity
  • Competency
  • Creativity
  • Change
  • Culture
  • Context
  • Confliction
  • Crisis

Leading From the Future is an online assessment for gathering respondent’s perceptions of the degree to which certain critical factors are perceived to be an impact or influence in the future and for identifying the respondent’s present state, in terms of readiness, to deal with these critical factors. 
The assessment recognizes the difference between managing and leading in that one manages from the present and conversely, one leads from the future. The supposition is, to be an effective and successful leader, one will need to be effective at dealing with future situations, known and unknown and planned and unplanned.
Additionally, the use of verbatim responses gather qualitative feedback for each of the critical factors for an in-depth understanding of relevance and deviation. 
Appropriate audience
The assessment is appropriate for executive leadership teams, senior management staff, board’s of directors, team leaders and members, business unit work groups, and functional departments. 
What is measured?

  • Perceptions of future critical factors (impact)
  • Assessment of current degree of readiness (competence)
  • Gaps/Alignments
  • Agreements/Disagreements

Qualitative – Verbatim responses

  • Most impacting on my future success
  • Most difficult to deal with in my situation
  • My most developed competencies
  • My least developed competencies

Branded Portal
The branded online portal system provides

  • A URL link for secure login.
  • An individual respondent site, accessible by username and password, for conducting assessments and printing individual reports.
  • An administrative site, accessible by master ID number, for administering, monitoring, and printing team/group reports.

The cost is $600.00 for 50 individual assessments with portal access.  Quantity discounts start at 100 individual assessments.


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