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TeamMark Report

The TeamMark is an assessment used to develop a unique profile and characterization of teams, work groups, departments, business units and entire organizations. The report presents a profile of your group’s similarities and differences, as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with your group type.  Additionally, the profile contains a framework and suggested strategies for improving group effectiveness and interpersonal relationships within your group.  
The TeamMark Report enables teams to

  • better understand and build on team members’ similarities and differences.
  • analyze and identify their team’s strengths and resources, as well as potential weaknesses.
  • improve communications among team members.
  • determine roadblocks and develop work-arounds so not to impede progress.
  • utilize and maximize the talents of all the team members.
  • serve as a professional development experience for members.
  • implement a specific action plan for goal attainment.

Dimensions of Measurement
Type, Contribution, Needs, and Motivation.
Team Scores Relative to Normative Scores:  Measures the team's preferences in four areas of team effectiveness and makes a comparison with normative results of other teams who have conducted the assessment.

  • Where we prefer focus our attention.
  • How we take in information, find out about things.
  • How we make decisions.
  • How we orient toward the outer world.

Important Combinations:  Combination of types within the team's members are the basis to evaluate two key behaviors; “on a team” and “potential blind spots and pitfalls.”
Unique Makeup of the Team:  Identifies the unique strengths and weaknesses of the team type as well as the characteristics of the team leader and tips for working with the leader.
The report includes the following:
Defining a Team
Creating a Team’s Purpose
Building Team Effectiveness Needs
Considering the Constraints
Stating the Assumptions     
General Characteristics of the TeamMark Sixteen Types
Predictions About Teams
My Team – Members and Type
My Team – Make-up
My Team – Totals and Percentages
Type Distribution in the US Population at Large
Similarities and Differences
E/I Preference – Where We Prefer to Focus Our Attention
S/N Preference – How We Take In Information and find Out About Things
T/F Preference – How We Make Decisions
J/P Preference – How We Orient Toward the Outer World
Team Characteristics – Important Combinations
Sensing/Judging – Guardians
Intuition/Thinking – Rationals
Intuition/Feeling – Idealists
Sensing/Perceiving – Artisans
My Team – Combinations
My Team – Strengths and Weaknesses
My Team – Leading the Team
Setting the Ground Rules
Suggestions for the Leader
My Team – Decision Making Model
Individual – The TeamMark Report has its origin in each individual team member conducting a CenterMark assessment.  The results of the assessment provide valuable information and feedback to the individual team member as well as the relationship of those results to ones effectiveness and contributions as a team member.
Team – The TeamMark Report aggregates the individual assessment results along with the results of the team leader and produces a report of approximately 25-pages that provides insight into the team member's similarities and differences and how the team's balance of similarities and differences will affect important key performance issues. 

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