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ValueBase Online Assessment
ValueBase is an assessment designed to help you identify your values and establish the important priorities in your career/life.  Understanding your values and priorities give you a foundation for evaluating your career options. 
People often sense a good fit when their own values are amiable with an organization’s collective values.  You will be most comfortable when there is a match among what is expected of you, what you do, your values, and the values of those around you.
The purpose of the ValueBase assessment is to

  • help you clarify your values so you can make career decisions that are consistent with who you really are and your own priorities.
  • assist you to better understand what’s important to other people in your organization.
  • provide you strategies to identify and resolve any mismatch between   your values and your work environment.
  • introduce tools you can use to facilitate a value clarification discussion within your organization. 
  • help you discover how behaviors and actions affect your constituents and determine what actions can be taken to assure a stronger value.

Cost for the Individual Assessment
The cost is $20.00 per assessment instrument.  The assessment is conducted online and the results are available online for up to one year following issuance of username and password. 
Once you have purchased the assessment you will receive an email with username, password, and logon instructions.  If you have any questions or need further information, please contact or call (214) 613-2582.
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