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WorkingStyles Online Assessment
WorkingStyles has two components:  A self-assessment and a multi-rater assessment.  Based on studies in observable behaviors, Workin Styles identifies four preferred behavioral styles:  Expressive, Amiable, Driver, and Analytical.
The self-assessment

  • measures your level of emotional responsiveness and assertiveness. 
  • identifies characteristics behaviors, preferred orientation (task or people) and pace.
  • presents an overview of the four behavioral styles:  Expressive, Amiable, Driver, and Analytical.
  • displays a graph showing your scoring results of your assessments in order of preference.
  • provides an in-depth description of all styles including numerous techniques to help you better know your own style and recognize others’ styles.  Tips are given on how to bridge the gap between your style and theirs.

The multi-rater component

  • provides a co-worker’s assessment, to see how others perceive you, with instructions for completion.
  • shows a summary scoring for you to compare your self-assessment to your co-workers.

Cost for the Individual Assessment
The cost is $25.00 per assessment instrument.  The assessment is conducted online and the results are available online for up to one year following issuance of username and password.  
Once you have purchased the assessment you will receive an email with username, password, and logon instructions.  If you have any questions or need further information, please contact or call (214) 613-2582.
Validity and Reliability
The WorkingStyles assessment instrument has undergone independent review for validity and reliability and has met all industry standards, including adequacy of the items, theoretical framework of the intended measures, statistical difference among each of the types for establishing discriminant separation, stability of the inventory over time, statistical convergence and divergence of each behavior scale, and measuring of the theoretical construct.  The WorkingStyles assessment instrument has been determined to be without bias across ethnic boundaries, gender, and age groups.
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