How Are Your Employees Performing? Series

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How Are Your Employees Performing?

Employee Performance Appraisals, Books One and Two

By John Turner, Ph.D.

How Are Your Employees Performing? 

Employee Performance Appraisals, Book One 

Why do supervisors dislike giving employee performance appraisals so much?  The answer lies in the understanding of what an effective employee performance appraisal program consists of.  This resource provides insights into the following topics:

  • Employee performance appraisal program overview.
  • Developing the employee performance appraisal measurement criteria.
  • Establishing the employee performance appraisal process procedures.
  • Conducting the employee performance appraisal meeting.

This resource provides the framework and roadmap to develop an employee performance appraisal program or to review a current program.  A self-assessment worksheet and a performance improvement plan agreement are included.  A sample employee performance appraisal policy is also part of this resource.

How Are Your Employees Performing?:

Employee Performance Appraisals, Book Two

This book builds upon the framework and roadmap introduced in How Are Your Employees Performing?  Employee Performance Appraisals:  Book One.  Book Two provides additional guidelines and resources you can use to ensure your program is successful.  Topics covered include the following:

  • Employee performance appraisal program’s legal considerations.
  • Common mistakes to avoid and/or correct.
  • Communication tips to make the performance appraisal meeting productive.

 The benefits of an annual employee performance appraisal audit.

  • Applying lessons learned.
  • Employee performance appraisal forms and instructions.

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