Power Points: Pocket-sized Success Strategies Series

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Power Points:  Pocket-sized Success Strategies for Every IT Manager and Supervisor Series, By Ken Myers, Ph.D.
Power Points is a series which brings together decades of management science knowledge and practical management experience.  Every short chapter of each volume is packed with Power Points management and supervisory tips for the practicing IT professional.  No jargon or here; each how-to chapter is written by Dr. Ken, who is often joined by seasoned IT professionals as contributing authors, providing you with highly relevant, pinpoint strategies for leveraging your management skills and improving your promotion potential.
Power Points chapters are a mix of important IT-specific information about:
Personal development and success activities (e.g., communication/listening techniques and getting positively noticed for your effort/results).
Managing the IT group and its projects (e.g., group leadership techniques and supervising the sub-standard performer).
Organizational insight and problem diagnosis (e.g., managing complex IT change processes and being successful at dealing with organizational politics).
Readers will find Power Points is useful to the individual IT manager or supervisor and as the basis for face-to-face or on-line training or consulting sessions.

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