GTTPBooks Author: Andrew R. Walker, Ed.D.

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Andrew R. Walker, Ed.D.
Andrew Walker has trains and coaches executives in communications skills.  He also plans internal communications to accompany the management of change.  His successes include helping executives to make and present the case for change and capital expenditure, build the concurrence of senior executives, and the support of those who must implement change.
He earned a doctorate in Adult Learning from Columbia University in 2002.  His work experience includes senior human resources positions in pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, high technology and the public sector.  Since 2000, He has consulted with a wide range of companies and conducted benchmark research for organizations of all sizes and in numerous industries. 
In addition to change management, coaching, training and development services, he offers expertise in talent management, career development and employee relations.  His professional profile can be found on LinkedIn. 
Dr. Walker has authored three books for Get to the Point Books including
Preventing Discrimination
Preventing Sexual Harassment, and
Getting Your Point Across

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