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Michael Horton, Ed.D.
Michael owns and manages The Horton AdvantEdge, a professional practice specializing in training, consulting, and coaching.  He serves on the faculties of University of Phoenix, St. Gregory’s University in Tulsa, and Walden University.
Michael’s expertise includes the thematic areas found in organizational behavior, organizational and interpersonal psychology, ethics, and human development.  He specializes in personality dynamics and the application of those dynamics to relationship management, leadership style, team cultures, and performance success.  Michael’s interest is coaching and guiding people to acquire the perspective and skills they need to succeed.
Michael is a speaker and workshop leader for organizations, churches, and other groups.  He has written a variety of materials related to motivation, communication, and management.
Michael’s has authored several books for Get to the Point Books, including
The Supervisor’s “E” List
The Supervisor’s “IN” List
The Supervisor’s “BIG” List
Managing Feelings in Team Decision Making
Managing the MO-Zone
How to Avoid the Common Failure

He is currently working on a new book titled Insights to Managing the Difficult People in Your Life.
Michael’s education includes a Doctorate in Education and Psychology from Texas Tech University, a Master’s in Education from Southern Seminary, a Master’s in Counseling and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma.
Michael is available to
teach his subject materials at your site,
coach users of the materials to strengthen their learning, and
train trainers to present the materials.
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