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James G. Bohn, Ph.D.
As a practitioner, Dr. Bohn has served in a variety of roles in the corporate world since 1973, personally leading the transformation of multiple underperforming teams to achieve award-winning levels of success.  “Working in the real world,” I have had to live with the change management decisions I have made, both good and bad, and I believe that experience has given me insight into the best ways to approach change.” 
As a leader, Dr. Bohn has led significant change management projects including IT implementations, mergers and reorganizations.  He has served in roles ranging from the shop floor, design, engineering, sales and service.  “I consider my early operations experience to be invaluable for understanding change problems.”  He has global experience in change and operations.  As an educator, Jim has taught Organization Development at University of Wisconsin' LUBAR School of business and Leadership at Marquette University. 
As a social scientist, Jim is deeply passionate about learning, developing and practicing organizational research in the context of change.  His groundbreaking research in Organizational Efficacy was published in Human Resource Development Quarterly, vol. 21, no. 3, Fall 2010.  Jim was interviewed by Business Week in 2006 on the subject of Organizational Efficacy.  He is the author of multiple articles including “The Relationship of Perceived Leadership Behaviors to Organizational Efficacy” Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, Volume 9, (2), Fall 2002.
As a Master Facilitator, he has led scores of workshops with a variety of audiences. He has spoken at the Academy of Change Management Professionals (2012), and led workshops for SHRM and Wisconsin I/O Psychologists, among others.  “I find that the ability to help others become successful has brought me the most satisfaction in my career.”  In his spare time, Jim is a musician, a fiction author, a theologian, and, most importantly, a grandfather. 
Jim has authored two books for Get to the Point Books including

Improving Managerial Effectiveness Through Proaction,
Fixing a Broken Team, and The Art and Science of Middle Management
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