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Georgian Lussier, M.S.O.B.
Georgian Lussier has designed and implemented numerous retention and engagement strategies, including tailored studies, self-managed teams, and high-potential management development programs. 
She earned a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior in 1978, when it was an emerging field of study.  Her work experience includes senior human resources positions in insurance, healthcare, and the non-profit sectors. 
Since 1994, she has consulted with a wide range of companies, of all sizes and in a variety of industries.  In addition to training and development services, Georgian offers expertise in job descriptions, pay systems, and personnel policies. 
She has served on several non-profit boards and has authored articles for trade contractors.  Georgian reflects on workplace issues on her website,
Georgian has authored two book for Get to the Point books, including
Are Your Star Performers Packing Their Bags? and
Growing Talent Through Cross-Training
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