Interviewing for Success Series

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Interviewing for Success: Finding the “Right” Person Series

By John Turner, Ph.D.
Book 1.  Interviewing for Success:  Finding the “Right” Person

Interviewing job candidates can be a challenging and frustrating task. However, it is one of the most crucial tasks of your job.  Hiring the right people to staff your company is very important to the success of your company.  Hiring the wrong people will cost your company valuable time and money. 
The task of interviewing can be made more effective once you know the keys to successful interviewing.  Also, having the right tools in your toolbox can greatly improve your success rate of hiring the “right” person.
This resource provides the tools to help you:

  • Develop an effective interviewing plan.
  • Evaluate your employment application.
  • Save time and be more efficient when reviewing resumes.
  • Conduct effective telephone interviews.
  • Conduct effective face-to-face interviews.

 This resource provides the following samples:

  • Interviewing policy.
  • Employment application.
  • Resume/employment application review worksheets for several different types of jobs.
  • Telephone screen worksheet.
  • Telephone questionnaire worksheet.
  • Candidate interview evaluation form.
  • Sample candidate rejection letter.

 Book 2.  Interviewing for Success:  Finding the “Right” Person

The task of interviewing job candidates contains many hidden pitfalls.  Mistakes that are made during the interviewing process can cost your company valuable time and money. 
It is very important not to unlawfully discriminate against job candidates during the interviewing process.  Even accidental discrimination can put your company at risk.  Experienced interviewers can make a costly mistake without proper preparation.
The key to effective interviewing is the preparation.  Reviewing mistakes that others have made during the interviewing process can teach you valuable lessons about what NOT to do.
This resource provides information about the following interviewing topics:

  • Interviewing without discrimination.
  • Common interviewing mistakes.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act interviewing guidelines.
  • Questions not to ask during an interview.
  • Sample interview questions.


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