Leveraging My Talent and My Career Series

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Leveraging My Talent and My Career Series: A journey in self-discovery, A toolkit for exploring options, and A blueprint for charting the course

By Darlene Davis
Step One.  Leveraging My Talent and My Career: A journey in self-discovery.
Leveraging My Talent and My Career: A journey in self-discovery is the first step in The Career Planning Series.  The series is a powerful and practical guide for charting your future, identifying your unique style and preferences, clarifying your values, and enhancing your career potential. 
In this book you will find relevant and useful information, interactive feedback in the form of queries and responses, exercises and activities, and much more. 
The book includes access to a powerful suite of online assessments for use in development, teaming, coaching, succession, and retention. The suite of assessments is accessible online through username and password and consists of four unique and proprietary assessments designed for career development, including job performance, job fit, job satisfaction, social behaviors, working styles, and values. 

The online assessments are

CenterMark – Based on studies in preferences, assesses the key attributes and behaviors associated with job performance and satisfaction. 
MatchPoint – Assesses the key characteristics influencing job fit and satisfaction. Supports you in your career planning and increases your potential for job satisfactions. 
Working Styles – Based on studies in social styles, is a 360 view of observable social behaviors and working style. 
ValueBase – Is an assessment for clarifying values and the importance of how these values are actualized and expressed on the job. 
Once you have purchased the book, you will be notified by e-mail and given a username and password for access to the assessment site.  The assessment results, reporting and printing features will be available to you for 12 months following purchase.
Step Two.  Leveraging My Talent and My Career: A toolkit for exploring options
Leveraging My Talent and My Career: A toolkit for exploring options is the second step in The Career Planning Series and focuses on career decision-making based on both internal and external factors.
The goal is to merge your internal dynamics—your interests, skills, competencies, values and priorities with the external realities—business, political, global, social and economical trends.
The book contains various strategies, tools, guidelines and resources you need to thoroughly research and evaluate your options (risks and advantages) and make your career decisions with confidence. 
This book will help you

  • Learn the importance of research, the information you need, and the means to get it.
  • Become networking-savvy.
  • Study the benefits of feedback and acquire tips for soliciting feedback from others.
  • Gain insights, hints, and strategies for sending and receiving nonverbal messages.
  • Evaluate forecasts and trends that could affect your choices and decisions.
  • Complete a Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis.
  • Identify the forces for and against your career option(s) and determine any roadblocks that could impede your progress.
  • Determine the competencies required in your career option now and in the future.

Step Three.  Leveraging My Talent and My Career: A blueprint for charting the course
Once you have gathered and evaluated all available information about self, growth opportunities, desired environment and work situation, organizational needs and priorities, forecasts and trends, available resources, and potential barriers, you are ready to chart and implement the action steps needed to reach your destination.
In Leveraging My Talent and My Career:  A blueprint for charting the course, the third step in the Career Planning series, you will


  • Identify and compose accomplishments that exemplify your strengths and underscore your potential for being successful in your career/life choices.
  • Discover how to develop an attention-getting resume.
  • Prepare a biography (a written narrative that describes significant events in your life).
  • Extend your resume by building a portfolio of work that supports your career option.
  • Develop a career plan that will help you achieve your personal goals, integrate the goals into the organization’s goals, and measure your progress, effectiveness and contributions.
  • Learn how to discuss your development effectively with your manager and others.
  • Know how to plan for and master the interviewing process.
  • Understand the value of keeping a Career Development Journal that will help you identify development experiences, improve your learning process, and take appropriate action.


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