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The Learning and Development Online Resource Library for Organizations
Learning and Development Center is an online platform and digital resource library.

The library consists of more than 150 training and development materials that are published as digital resources (books).  The book’s pages turn as if a paper manuscript, there are pop-ups for assessments and worksheets, boxes for inputs, feedback, and narrative, quizzes, summaries, next steps, pocket guides, and so much more. 
All of the resources have been authored by our team of more than 100 authors and have never been published before.  Our editorial construct focuses on situational learning (how to) and not theoretical works.  Therefore the materials are very practical and accessible by the full range and dimension of today’s workforce. 
Users access the system with secure username and password and have unlimited (yes unlimited) access to all the resources, including all new publications as they become available throughout the year.  This means you and your employees always have access to new and fresh materials, and at no additional cost. 
There are numerous features such as, tracking and reporting, branding, the ability to offer different or limited resources to selected populations, including access to company-materials, converting your conventional materials to the digital format, and more.
Features and Navigation
You'll be amazed at what we have done to make these resources the ultimate in being interactive, intuitive, and engaging. 

  • Pages turn on the screen as if in a printed book
  • There are boxes for entering feedback or completing check lists
  • With a click you can pop-up and print an assessment or worksheet to complete
  • You can print the entire book or selected pages and take them with you
  • You can search the book to find a word or phrase
  • Paste a sticky note on any page as a reminder or to reinforce a point
  • And there are many more features that make these resource a one-of-a-kind learning experience

Development Categories
Our library resources have been written to 25 specific learning categories. This will help you to quickly align your needs with a targeted solution.  More than ever, today's organizations have a need to quickly align its people, processes, skill sets, and resources with the company's strategies and business models.  This resource will help you accomplish this.
Learning Clusters
We have developed clusters of learning around unique individual titles to give the ways to engage and focus on targeted learning opportunities.  Using the clusters provide an ability to (examples)

  • Reinforce the notion that retaining top talent begins with recruiting and hiring
  • Investigate the potential of working remotely
  • Understand the key principles of making compelling presentations
  • Learn the techniques for planning and delivering effective meetings
  • Know that your success depends on how you communicate–both orally and in writing
  • Engage your team to work on its communication skills
  • Learn about the 25 behaviors outrageously successful people share in common
  • Improve your interpersonal skills
  • and much, much more

My Book Series
My Books contain blank pages and open templates and provides a unique and creative way for you to record your own personal information, plans, thoughts, and ideas.  You can record data, input narrative, save your work, print it, and even share it.  It’s up to you.  The files reside only on your desktop and you control who has access.  Many of the resources have structured content for easy response and all books have blank pages for open narrative. The My Book Series is included at no charge with the library license and includes:

  • My Development Plan
  • My Journal
  • My Learner Plan
  • I Know What I Know
  • Storytelling for Knowledge Transfer
  • My Own Book

Packaged Solutions
Without question, this concept is at the forefront of today's technology and thinking and is now available to you as a total packaged solution of both platform and content.  It doesn't get any better than that.  We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and your organization to implement this compelling learning strategy for your employees.
Customize Curriculum and Convert Your Materials
Take advantage of our senior writers for customized curriculum development. Our authors are today’s thought-leaders and subject-matter experts. Engage us to convert your training into powerful interactive digital resources.  Let our team of developers help transform your learning experience.
Outsource Training
Outsource your training to our team of faculty and master teachers and professors. Our instructional strategies are for adult learners and contexts. Implement a branded portal platform for training management and tracking.  Deploy our total packaged solution of high-value learner resources.
Getting Started with a Quick Demo
To get started we would like to give you a quick tour which takes just a few minutes.  The next step would be to set you up your own personal username so you can conduct a self-evaluation and see for yourself how this platform and library will benefit your organization. 
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