The Seesaw Strategy

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The Seesaw Strategy

Discovering and Implementing a Successful Work/Life Balance

By Rob Ackley

If you are like many people in today's fast paced, always connected world, you are searching for practical ways to achieve work/life harmony. In The Seesaw Strategy, the author presents a fresh approach for balancing both sides of the work/life equation. Five guiding principles are introduced that when adopted will help you navigate the choppy waters of life while remaining in control.

  1. Determine the value of both work and life
  2. Understand the concept of ebb and flow between work and life
  3. Plan and prepare for known balance shifts
  4. Accept unexpected balance shifts
  5. Learn how to manipulate the balance of work and life

Through self-assessments, exercises, and case studies you will develop a concrete, executable action plan that will help you meet your individual needs and achieve your work/life goals.

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