The Training Playbook

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The Training Playbook

By Jeanine Blackburn, Ph.D.

Today’s professionals are taking a more active role in their careers and their lives. These individuals want to be more engaged in their training and have expectations that the training will meet their needs.

The book is intended to help human resources professionals, corporate trainers and managers to understand the importance of differentiating training to include all learners. It highlights some of the common assumptions made about how adults learn and tactical tips to help change the training environment to reach all learners.

The second part of the book focuses on developing a game plan to transform your training from the typical to the differentiated method. This section of the book illustrates how the training expert transitions into the actionable phase of creating an effective learning environment by incorporating the trainees learning preferences into the learning plans.

We end with practical strategies that corporations can integrate into their plans to change the learning culture in their organization.

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