The Healthcare Manager - Clinical Expert to Supervisor

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The Healthcare Manager - Clinical Expert to Supervisor

By Wanda Ritter, CPT

You are an excellent nurse, or phlebotomist, or pharmacy tech, or biller, or registrar and so you are promoted to a lead, supervisory, or management position. Your technical and clinical skills may have gotten you promoted, but it is your people skills that will make you successful. Healthcare facilities tend to see an employee's competence in the job and then promote him or her to a management position.

The thought is someone who can do the job very well, can lead a team to do the job very well. It is important to know the job your staff does. However, it is even more important to know your staff. This resource will give managers the tools and awareness to move from staff to manager and from peer to supervisor comfortably and successfully.

Those who will benefit from this resource are

  • New managers, supervisors, and any staff in a supervisory role
  • Managers who may not be new but who are struggling to connect with their staff
  • Staff now managing former peers
  • Staff preparing for a promotion
  • Managers feeling caught between their staff and their supervisors

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