Pipeline Management for Sales Professionals

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Pipeline Management for Sales Professionals

By Nancy Carpenter

Everyday everyone is involved in the sales process, either as a thriving member of a market, a lead, a prospect, a buyer--and yes, as a sales professional. Despite this immersion in a sales culture, most do not understand the basic principals of the sales process. The goal of this book is to identify steps that appear--or should appear--in every sales cycle, and help the sales professional move through each milestone while improving the odds for success.

In this book, you will learn how to

  • Define "sale" as it relates to various industries and environments
  • Identify the necessary players and benchmarks to achieving sales
  • Structure a system for tracking potential sales throughout the sale process
  • Develop a formula to insure future sales
  • Prepare succinct sales updates and summaries to share with management

You will reinforce what you learn.  Participants are required to complete reviews (Check Your Knowledge) and later, develop pipelines from existing leads and prospects. Even newer staff members will have opportunities to reflect on sample pipelines and determine what factors can impact the sales process.

You will apply what you learn.  This is a no-excuses program. That is, pipelines can and should be developed as part of the learning process, and then further refined through daily application and experience.

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