Mediation and Facilitation for HR Professionals

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Mediation and Facilitation for HR Professionals

By Orlando Blake, CPT, PhD

Managing conflict in modern organizations is a fact of life for HR professionals.  They are called on to mediate and facilitate internal disputes constantly.

The HR facilitator's job is to lead the mediation process; to help those involved improve the way they communicate, examine and solve problems, handle intra-group conflict, and make decisions.  Good facilitators help groups stay on task, be more creative, efficient, and productive.
Facilitation calls for a variety of skills and techniques to be effective.  Strong verbal and analytical skills are essential.  Facilitators must know what questions to ask, when to ask them, and how questions should be structured to get answers without defensiveness.  Facilitators must know how to probe for more information when the initial answers are not sufficient.  They must also know how to rephrase or "reframe" statements to enhance understanding, and to highlight areas of agreement and disagreement as they develop.  Other skills include redirecting questions and comments, giving positive reinforcement, encouraging contrasting views, including quieter members of the group, and dealing with domineering or hostile participants.

Written by an accomplished human resources practitioner and mediator, this book is for new as well as seasoned HR professionals.  It provides the structural framework, as well as the details of how to resolve disputes in the workplace so they don’t escalate and become litigation headaches.

Mediation and Facilitation for HR Professionals has easy to implement methods, models, and checklists, to give you the edge in recognizing and resolving workplace disputes.

All of the cases and methods come from real world experiences and confirmed research gleaned from years of practice and studies.

Mediation and Facilitation for HR Professionals includes

  • Five techniques for effective facilitation.
  • Six steps of conflict resolution.
  • The POWW! Model.

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