Making Meetings More Productive Book 2

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Making Meetings More Productive Book 2 - Advanced Concepts and Techniques

By Dean Harrington

In the first book in this series, we introduced the formula for a successful meeting, one element of which was meeting procedures. In this book, we'll expand on the concept of accelerated meeting techniques, delving into the anatomy of a meeting procedure, and giving detailed instructions for using a wide variety of techniques for conducting a wide variety of meetings. We'll remind you how to identify the purpose(s) of your meeting and how to match that purpose with an appropriate accelerated technique (or procedure) for conducting that meeting. Detailed instructions for using every procedure are provided.

This book will also introduce the concept of highly detailed agenda planning, presenting a number of meeting planning tools, including

  • The Meeting Options Matrix (MOM).
  • The Attendee Invitation Matrix (AIM).
  • Sample meeting agendas.
  • Blank agenda planning forms for you to print out and use.
  • The Meeting Leader's Tool Kit.

There's also a "bonus section" full of ideas for spurring creativity in idea generating meetings.

Additionally, we'll introduce a simple tool for assessing the overall value of all the meetings held in your organization, The Meeting Effectiveness Mini-Survey. We'll also include a section on evaluating individual meetings, and three different tools for doing so.

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