Leveraging My Talent and My Career Book 3

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Leveraging My Talent and My Career, Book 3

By Darlene Davis, M.A.

Once you have gathered and evaluated all available information about self, growth opportunities, desired environment and work situation, organizational needs and priorities, forecasts and trends, available resources, and potential barriers, you are ready to chart and implement the action steps needed to reach your destination.

In Leveraging My Talent and My Career: A blueprint for charting the course, the third step in the Career Planning series, you will

  • Identify and compose accomplishments that exemplify your strengths and underscore your potential for being successful in your career/life choices.
  • Discover how to develop an attention-getting resume.
  • Prepare a biography (a written narrative that describes significant events in your life).
  • Extend your resume by building a portfolio of work that supports your career option.
  • Learn the importance of identifying and interviewing all the people with whom you will be working with in your new job and will influence your success.
  • Be introduced to processes and tools to help you evaluate a job offer objectively and make your decision with confidence.
  • Find out the steps you need to take to ensure success in your new job.

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