Leading the Total Quality Mission Volume 2

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Leading the Total Quality Mission:  Building capability and commitment, Volume 2 

By Orlando Blake, CPT, PhD

Leading the Total Quality Mission: Building capability and commitment, Volume 2, is a book about the value of aligning good leadership practices with a commitment to total quality and the inherent worth of people in organizations.

This book goes further than the companion book, Leading the Total Quality Mission:  Aligning principles, practices, and management, Volume 1, in providing guidance and an ideological perspective of leading total quality and continuous improvement. 

You will be introduced to how-to processes and tools that, when implemented, make your total quality (TQ) and continuous improvement (CI) programs successful.

Topics covered include the following:

  • Planning the TQ Process.
  • Defining the Customer’s Needs. 
  • Selecting the Measures. 
  • Building in Quality. 
  • Managing Your Work.
  • Assessing and Evaluating.
  • Investing in Your People. 
  • Knowing Your Soft Spots. 
  • Fostering a No Fault Attitude. 

TQ and CI are just words unless you know how to live by them.  You must align capability, leadership, total quality practices, and commitment . . . and that is what this and its companion resource is all about!

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