It's the Boss Stupid

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Its the Boss Stupid

By Ray Belongie

If you are having problems with your staff's attitude and/or performance in your organization, don't always blame them or the system as the problem. It may be your style of relating to them that is causing problems.

If you are a Boss, that may be the problem. Bossing doesn't work well in the long term. It creates a negative parent to child relationship between two adults that is demeaning and unproductive. Bossing behaviors instead of management or better, leadership behaviors, will often bring out the worst in the "bossed." Before you blame your staff for failing, look at how you are contributing to their success or failure by how you relate to them.

Bossing rather than managing is the easy way out. Unfortunately, the easy way out often leads right back into the problems we were trying to get away from.

Managing and leading are more difficult, but also yield better long term results with productivity and profit.  If you want to inspire your staff to greatness and productivity, you must become a leader in your organization and stomp all your boss tendencies into the dust. This choice is yours and yours alone.

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