Improving Managerial Effectiveness

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Improving Managerial Effectiveness Through Proaction

By James G. Bohn, Ph.D.

Everyone talks about being proactive. This book takes an abstract concept, defines it and provides concrete examples and exercises to improve Proaction. Here's what you can expect from the effort you put into reading the book . . .

  • A very clear definition of Proaction
  • Learn the need to tap human motivation to improve Proaction
  • Conduct some serious self-examination to discover your true level of Proaction
  • Gain some very specific skills to improve your own level of Proaction
  • You will become a more effective manager, and ultimately improve your chances for career advancement

Managers in the 21st century have immense demands on their time. Those who are deliberately proactive are more likely to . . .

  • Avert disasters when implementing new ideas and strategic change
  • Reduce team and personal stress
  • Develop powerful teams who are known for their effectiveness
  • Gain a reputation for getting things done

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