Ideal Problem Solving

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Ideal Problem Solving

By Tom Englander

When faced with problems at home or at work, most of us haphazardly jump to solutions. The Spruce Family Vacation shows how using the Five-Step Creative Problem Solving Process can help you find even better solutions. It can be used by groups or individually.

What makes this process unique is Step 2, "Identifying an Ideal Solution." Gaining consensus on the elements of an ideal solution will make the decision-making process go faster and will help arrive at better solutions. Perhaps it should be employed by our lawmakers in Washington and in state capitols across the country.

The Five-Step Ideal Problem Solving Process:

  • Step 1 - Define the Problem
  • Step 2 - Identify an Ideal Solution
  • Step 3 - Develop a List of Possible Solutions
  • Step 4 - Select the Best Solution
  • Step 5 - Implement the Solution

Using this process helps keep focus on the true problem. Using other techniques allows the decision-making process to shift focus from on aspect of the problem to some other, losing sight of the real issue and, thus, delaying solutions or arriving at ineffective solutions.

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