Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement

By Tim Rutledge, Ph.D.

An engaged workforce is essential to organizational success today. And yet study after study indicates that feelings of engagement are present in well under fifty percent of employees.

Management definitely has a key role to play in creating and sustaining conditions that contribute to and support employee engagement. But since engagement is a feeling, and feelings are personal, employees themselves decide whether or not they're engaged. This book enables employees to break down the barriers to engagement and equips them with strategies and actions that banish feelings of disengagement and promote engaged mindsets.

Employees will be able to

  • Focus on positive events in the workplace
  • Cultivate an engaged mindset that doesn't believe the grass is greener somewhere else
  • Identify the purpose and meaning of their jobs
  • Be proactive in arranging events and conditions that help them to get engaged and stay that way
  • Tell the difference between controlling events and influencing them
  • Take ownership of their feelings of disengagement and allow engaged feelings to dominate

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