Effective Meetings - Planning, Process, and Results

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Effective Meetings - Planning, Process, and Results

By Dave Lewis

Making the meeting work. Meetings are usually held to inform, set or define a policy, solve a problem, brainstorm for new ideas, or review status.

Preparation is essential and involves arranging for an appropriate meeting room, visual aids, coffee breaks and other details vital to a successful session.

Being able to manage the meeting often depends on the leader's ability to serve as a facilitator, to listen actively and to use direct, open-ended, reverse and relay questions effectively.

This book will help you establish proven techniques for planning and holding various types of meetings:

  • The Information Meeting--learn role-plays, tests, buzz sessions, and other techniques for getting participants involved
  • The Policy Meeting--learn how to maintain objectivity and to get full audience participation
  • The Problem-Solving Meeting--learn the techniques to lead a group to meaningful consensus
  • The Brainstorming Meeting--learn to identify distinctive areas or problems that require a creative approach
  • The Project Meeting--learn how progress checks are taken and measured, accountabilities are clarified, and resources adjusted

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